Swim Across America – Part 2


Swimmers around the country are having a huge impact in the fight against cancer. With funds raised from charity swims, Swim Across America (SAA) funded the clinical trial that led to FDA approval of Keytruda, an immunotherapy used against several types of cancer.

In this episode, I talked to the two doctors in the San Francisco Bay Area whose programs benefit from the local Swim Across America event. Dr. Julie Saba leads a research lab looking into the causes of two childhood cancers in hopes of finding new treatments.

Dr. Rob Goldsby helps survivors of childhood cancer deal with the late effects of their cancer and its treatment, which even when successful, often results in new risks later in life.

Rob Butcher, the CEO of Swim Across America, explained their model, the impact it is having and how they have been so successful.

Craig Beardsley, Director of Partnerships for SAA shared the interesting and inspiring history of the organization.

For now, enjoy listening and consider supporting this great organization.

Swim Across America