Six Swimmers, Six Reasons to Swim


People are drawn to masters swimming for many reasons. Some love the competition. Others enjoy the friendship. Still others are on a journey of self discovery. And you can find all of them at a meet.

At the Pacific Masters Short Course Yards Championships on April 6-8 there were swimmers who started when they were young and some experiencing competition for the very first time. All of them were enjoying the camaraderie and having a good time.

A handful shared their stories and their reasons for swimming.

Thank you:

  • Missy Hunter (Laughter)

  • Jen Hwang (International travel)

  • Duane Heil (Self-discovery)

  • Colleen Darling (Hang out with friends)

  • Farah Soltane (Prepare for an Alcatraz swim)

  • and Mary Conner (my wife, whom I met in Lane 7 at Heather Farm 24 years ago – Chasing a goal)


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*Photo of Soda Aquatic Center courtesy of Catherine Wood Taylor.