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The network of swimmers is deep and wide. It turns out they are all around me and I didn’t even know it. Forgive the long winding road in this post.

Scott Stiefvater is a swimmer and a parent of swimmers. His son and mine played water polo together in high school. I ran into him at the pool one day and we talked a little bit about this film project.

When I found out he was a speaking coach, I invited him to be a guest on my other podcast called Life Science Marketing Radio. In return, he invited me to a workshop on public speaking.

In that workshop, I practiced a bit of my pitch for this film. As I did that, I saw a woman’s jaw drop. Afterward, she said, “I can introduce you to some people you should talk to.”

It turns out that Wendy Reeves-Hampton swam for Indian Valley, the same team that my kids swim for now. “I’m going to introduce you to Tim Allin.”

The Most Inspirational Swimmer Award at Indian Valley is named after Tim. Another coincidence, Wendy and my son are both past winners of that award.

Yesterday I spoke to Tim on the phone. I found out why the most inspirational award is named after him. He got ME pumped up on the idea!

I mentioned the idea that Heidi Burkey had given me about getting a bunch of alumni together to film their stories. Tim said, “I’ll put 40 people in that room tomorrow if you want.” Maybe not today, but it’s gonna happen.

So a big Thank You to Scott, Wendy and Tim. I’m excited to have them be a part of this journey.

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