Hall of Fame Coach Began His Career in Rec Swimming


Gregg Wilson is an inductee in the American Swimming Coaches Association Hall of Fame based on his 40 year career coaching both men and women at UC Santa Barbara.

He will tell you though, his peak as a coach came at Rancho Colorados Swim and Tennis Club in Lafayette, California.

In the first one on one interview for this documentary, Gregg talked to me about starting out swimming rec as a 6 year old at Las Juntas Swim Club which is now a barren patch of weeds under the BART tracks half a mile from where we sat.

In the clip above, he describes seeing Matt Biondi, “an iconic swimmer and one of the best in the history of the sport” running around during a meet at Moraga Valley pool.

But the most interesting parts of the interview (which you’ll have to wait for the film to hear) are about the lessons he learned while coaching kids from 5-18, the relationships he built with swimmers, parents and his mentors, and the secrets of creating a team atmosphere where kids can be competitive and still have fun.

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