First Pitch

The sun sets on the Clarke Swim Center after the 2018 Walnut Creek Swim Conference Championship

The sun sets on the Clarke Swim Center after the 2018 Walnut Creek Swim Conference Championship

Tonight I pitched the idea for the documentary to the representatives from each team in the Walnut Creek Swim Conference. The goal was to make all the teams aware of the project and establish communications so I can give updates and make requests for anything from archival footage to outright participation.

I explained where the idea came from, why it’s worth doing, the intended audience and a proposed timeline.

The first question was a very reasonable one. “Have you ever made a film before?” The answer to that is no.

But over the last 5 years, I have interviewed over 100 people including Olympians, doctors, CEOs, and scientists. And of course, a lot of swimmers that have let me tell their stories on the Flip Turns podcast. The feedback on those stories has been overwhelmingly positive.

Who is the Audience?

The audience comprises a series of ever widening circles. The inner circle are swimmers and their families in Contra Costa County. The next circle are swim families and clubs across the country. Beyond that are parents and athletes in any sport. It spreads out from there to anyone interested in a coming of age story.

Proposed Timeline:

Summer 2019

  • Location scouting (capture test footage to see what works and what doesn’t)

  • Casting (talk to parents, swimmers and coaches to find the stories)

  • Interview Alumni (their stories will provide ideas for casting current individuals)

  • County Meet Footage

  • Produce Trailer and Kickstarter Video

  • Launch Kickstarter Campaign

Summer 2020

  • Interview parents, swimmers and coaches

  • Capture interactions (swimmer/swimmer, coach/swimmer, coach/parent, parent/swimmer, parent/parent…)

  • Capture action footage (meets, practice, parties, snack shack, parent jobs, awards…)

Fall 2020

  • Post production

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