Help Me Find These People

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In my last post, I wrote about the themes that I want to explore in the documentary. To convey the feeling of summer rec swimming in Contra Costa County, I need the swimmers, parents, and coaches who will share their experience as it’s happening. Even a documentary needs the right characters to tell the story.

Think of those families new to the area or new to swimming who sign their kids up for swim team. What they get may be on a whole different level from what they expected. At the other end are the 18 year-olds who may have been on a team for 14 years and part of a family that has been involved for decades. What does it feel like to be moving on? What memories and lessons will they take with them?

In between are all kinds of kids, some super-competitive, and those who love swimming for many other reasons. Those that find themselves excelling may be faced with a choice. “Do I decide to swim year round and see how far swimming can take me or will I be happier where I am?” That’s not an easy decision.

Maybe you know the people who fit one of these descriptions. I’m hoping you can help me find them.

  • A family new to swimming with young kids

  • A multi-generational Contra Costa rec swim family

  • A 18 year old swimmer in his/her last season

  • An 11-12 trying to qualify for the county meet for the first time

  • A swimmer who is considering going year round with a USA Swimming team

  • Another swimmer who could go year round, but decided not to for whatever reason

  • And of course, parents of current AND former swimmers

Maybe these are YOUR family members. If you think you have a story to share, please contact me.

Even if you aren’t ready to share your story, here are some other ways you can help right now:

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  4. Contribute archival photos, film or digital recordings of rec swimming activities in years past.

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Photo: Mary Conner