Advice from a Filmmaker

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Since this is my first film, I’m seeking advice everywhere I can find it.

Through the International Documentary Association, I discovered Heidi Burkey. She has been working on a film about Franke Bell, a beloved swim coach in Charlotte North Carolina and inductee in the International Swim Coaches Hall of Fame. Heidi also produced and directed Jedi Junior High, a story about middle school kids doing a play based on Star Wars.

The combination of those two films made me think she’d be perfect to get some advice on starting out and helping me get clear on my story.

I contacted her through her website and then we spoke on the phone.

Not only did I come out of that feeling good about the concept for the film, I got some great ideas on how to shoot, talent releases and bringing the history to life by gathering some “alumni/old timers” for a dinner to trade stories. This idea already has some momentum. More on that in the next post.

I’ll definitely be having more conversations with her as I go along. You are welcome to join the conversation at any time. Leave a comment below.

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